Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ojei Peckson (my testimony)

My name is Ojei Peculiar Fumnanya, a 200level student of university of Nigeria, studying plant science and biotechnology, I joined bit4value on d 3rd of November username is ojeipeckson. I came into the system and God started blessing me. just as they say "Good wine need no bush"..people around me began to see d change on me and then they wanted to know, and I had to spill the beans to them and told them of how God has actually brought bit4value to bless us. and then people began to register with me for bit4value and in a month and few weeks in bit4value, I have made over 1 million naira in referrals, most of my referrals have been able to pay for their tuition fees. Most importantly, bit4value has changed my life financially. my prayer for bit4value is long life and growth. Let the Good Lord continue to keep bit4value for us.Long live bit4value. .... proudly, a bit4valuer

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